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About Fidelis

Supply Chain Management From Mexico Made Easy

FIDELIS is an experienced trading company with over 15 years experience exporting products from Mexico to markets worldwide. Fidelis is operated by professionals from the Automotive, and General Products industries with extensive experience handling multinational consulting services, procurement, logistics, and export to the final destinations around the globe.

From the original concept of handling new automobiles in the NAFTA regions, and because of the weak MXN peso and high demand for exporting products from Mexico, Fidelis has expanded by 120% year on end, to many areas of industry and agribusiness supplying services of consulting, planning and executing door-to-door Exports, reducing costs for customers and advising its customers on safe practices and new regulations of handling inland logistics, customs clearance and export documentation from Mexico.

Why Fidelis

The advantage of dealing with Fidelis is our understanding of the Mexican market, bureaucracy and pertinent legislation, offering customers the best solution and timely execution, expedition of customs clearance and unplanned incremental costs. With over 15 years of Automotive, and other industry sourcing experience and relationships, we are sure we can supply our customers with the transparency and the confidence to feel at ease when dealing with handling high value products in Mexico.